Bijou Recording Studio
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Red Lady Records, CES Live Sound with Bill and Jan Storey are proud to announce the creation of our new recording studio facility in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico.
Bijou Recording Studio is a 4675 sq ft facility with 4 bedrooms, 7 baths and a 1200 sq ft pool and is a state of the art digital / analog recording studio with full band recording, mixing and mastering engineering capabilities.  Hardware and Software connected for conventional digital recording tracking, "in-the-box" with 64bit DAW and many Plugins and Bijou Studio Special combination recording using the Tascam DM3200 Digital Mixing Console with the Alesis HD24 hard drive recorder for tracking and sub-mixes and Sonar X3 Producer for overdubs and sweeteners. Plus 24 track remote live recording is available .
Come record your next live or studio album with us in Paradise

Bijou Recording Studio